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Solo Friday

Tactical Quiz

Challenge yourself by testing your soccer IQ in these soccer specific tactical scenarios.

There are no right or wrong answers, but be sure to share your reasoning behind the options you choose!

Soccer Skills

Work your way through the below soccer circuit to keep your touches and fitness up.

Time yourself each round for stations 1-7 and try to beat it without negating the quality of your work. 

1. 2 minutes juggling

2. 2 x 30 scissor moves each foot

3. 10 x 10 yard sprints

4. 20 x dribble 5 yards and cryuff turn (10 Right Foot, 10 Left Foot)

5. 10 x 20 yard sprints

6. 60 rollovers (30 RF, 30 LF) x 2

7. 50 RF passes / 50 LF passes 5-10 yard distance (Use a wall or a parent / sibling).

8. 3 minutes juggling - record your highest score!

9. 5 mins working on a new move of your choice - film it and share it on social media - tag Phoenix Premier FC and we might just share it for all to see! The cooler and more creative the better!

Repeat this 3 times through.

Please give us feedback on your workout below!