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Academy Evaluations

Phoenix Premier FC has developed an altered approach to tryouts for 2020, keeping the health and safety of all our members at the forefront of our planning.

Players aged 2014 (U7) – 2002 (U19) are welcome to request placement on a Phoenix Premier FC team for the 2020-2021 season by following the directions set forth below. The process has been designed to prevent exposing players to unnecessary in person contact as much as possible. 

The placement request process is open to both CURRENT and NEW players. All players who would like to play for Phoenix Premier FC in the 20/21 season MUST complete the form to request team placement. This is for Current and New players. The request is free of charge.

(Click here to request)

After you have submitted your team placement request, an appropriate member of the PPFC coaching staff will reach out to you regarding your players team placement. At this point, players will have the opportunity to either accept or decline the offered roster spot. Players may be offered the opportunity to attend a small group evaluation session (see step 4 for more details).

CURRENT PPFC Players - The team placement process will involve a PPFC coach contacting you to discuss team placement for next season. 

NEW Players The appropriate PPFC coach will contact you to discuss potential team placement or offer you the opportunity to attend a small group evaluation that will follow the Arizona Soccer Association's guidelines set forth for the safe return to play. 

To complete the process all committed players will need to complete PPFC club registration.

Once restrictions are lifted and return to play is permitted (currently May 16th) the club will contact players who are not committed to a PPFC team and invite them to a small group evaluation with their desired teams respective coach. Dates, times and locations for these tryouts will be shared on an individual basis when the coach contacts you.

These evaluation sessions will follow the recommended safe return to play protocol set forth by the Arizona Soccer Association.

This part of the tryout process will only be open to players who HAVE NOT accepted a roster spot on a PPFC team by this date. If you are already committed to a PPFC team by this date, you are not permitted or required to attend a small group evaluation. This will minimize the number of people at tryouts and help decrease the risks involved regarding COVID-19. We believe this is the safest way to proceed and protect the health interests of as many people as possible given the situation.